BioSmart Research announces break through cannabinoid formulas with potential health benefits

Yelm, WA, July 18, 2021 – After 3 years of research, BioSmart rolled out its professional product line of THC-Free cannabinoid and terpenoid formulas for professional distribution to health care professionals.

BioSmart’s formulas combine specific terpenes with selected cannabinoids that work synergistically with each other to gain the health benefits derived from its products.

BioSmart uses proprietary high pressure liquid chromatography to isolate and concentrate its formulas.  Biosmart’s formulas are concentrated to achieve the clinical dosing requirements indicated in clinical studies  Because the formulas are derived from Hemp, and totally free of psychoactive ingredients, BioSmart is able to market its formulas domestically without a prescription to qualified adults through healthcare providers and selected retail outlets.

“We have barely begun to understand the therapeutic potential of cannabis,” says Ethan Russo, a neurologist and director of R&D at the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute, based in the Czech Republic. “We haven’t taken the steps that are required to really harness the abilities of some of these minor cannabinoids, particularly in conjunction with optimized terpenoid profiles.”

In order to advance its research, initiate clinical trials, and expand the sharing of its research with health care professionals, Biosmart has opened a Schedule CF offering through the WeFunder platform in order to raise the capital necessary to achieve its ongoing objectives.

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