Advanced Pain Relief Tincture

Our Advanced Pain Tincture provides our highest concentration dose of CBD for those attempting to target the worst systemic pain. We have also added a significant dose of CBG to help target nausea, which can sometimes accompany severe pain. We also avoided introducing many flavors or scents, leaving the tincture neutral and void of products that could contribute to nausea.

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What’s inside - Ingredients

THC Free

  • Cannabidiol CBD - CBD has been most extensively claimed to aid in inflammatory and neuropathic pain.
  • Cannabigerol CBG - CBG has been shown to be both anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective
  • MCT Oil - Carrier for Cannabinoids

Proprietary Terpene Formula

  • Linalool - Used for a light enhancement to aroma with a sweet citrus tone
  • Limonene - Used for a light enhancement to aroma a sweet citrus tone
  • Wintergreen - A fresh flavor and aroma addition

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