Clean / Detox Tincture

Our Clean Tincture provides a high concentration dose of CBD for those looking to replace a chemical habit or dependency with something clean and with no documented dependency concerns. This formula is intentionally light on flavors and scents, and is meant to provide a clean, calming experience for those attempting to get clean.

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What’s inside - Ingredients

THC Free

  • Cannabidiol CBD - CBD is a chemical which can induce a sense of calm and pain relief; a desirable condition for someone transitioning away from a chemical dependency.
  • MCT Oil - Carrier for CBD

Proprietary Terpene Formula

  • Limonene - Used for a light enhancement to aroma
  • Wintergreen - A fresh flavor and aroma addition

*If using this formula for the purpose of transitioning away from alcohol or opioids, consult a physician as there are many complexities and dangers to detoxing.

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