Sleep / Pain Relief Vape Juice

Our Sleep Vape provides a high concentration dose of CBD delivering a fast sense of calmness with pain relief. CBD along with our proprietary terpene mix works to help one ease into sleep. This formulation has an addition of full spectrum distillate. Because vapes act quickly this can be taken immediately before needing to sleep without having to wait long for the effects of pain relief. All our vape formulas produce a light clean smoke with subtle tones of the terpene flavors. Your mouth keeps a clean feel as you fall off to sleep, no smoky aftertaste.

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What’s inside - Ingredients

  • Cannabidiol CBD - CBD has a well-documented ability to induce calm without any psychoactive effects. CBD has a well-documented ability to relieve inflammation associated pain. CBD can also lower one’s perception of pain. CBD works via the endocannabinoid system to reduce pain through both a direct reduction in inflammation and an altered perception.
  • MCT Oil - MCT coconut oil is an excellent carrier for efficient delivery of CBD.

Proprietary Terpene Formula

  • Myrcene - Terpene with powerful sedating effects
  • Terpinolene - Terpene with sedating effects
  • Linalool - Used for a light enhancement to aroma with a sweet citrus tone
  • Limonene - Used for a light enhancement to aroma a sweet citrus tone

*Carefully asses how you respond to this formula as some ingredients are sedative.

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