Use of essential oils in CBD products

Essential oils have their place and play an important role in nutraceutical treatments for just about every condition imaginable. They do, however, pose certain drawbacks, although effective for the conditions that they treat, that make their use less palatable for topical applications.

Unless essential oils are used in less than therapeutic quantities to provide subtle fragrance or overtones to a topical product, their use is often curtailed because of the overwhelming scent created by therapeutic amounts of essential oils in the formula.

Most pain-relief formulas using essential oils utilize one or more of the following essential oils:

  • Camphor
  • Menthol
  • Clove
  • Wintergreen

All of these have an analgesic effect that usually lasts for about an hour. However, the overwhelming Scent of the oils makes their use during daytime activities in close proximity with other people to be annoying to others. It is difficult to go to work, or walk into a restaurant or a movie having just applied a therapeutic dose of an essential oil topical product.

BioSmart Research provides both types of formulations with therapeutic doses of CBD isolates for pain relief. The application of high-concentration CBD topicals for pain relief lasts about 4-5 hours and is therefore more suitable for daytime use.

We acknowledge the entourage effect of combining CBD with essential oils especially for night-time use. Our essential oils are derived from organic, non-GMO suppliers when listed as an ingredient in our products.

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