What’s the difference between full spectrum CBD oils and isolate formulas?

When taking full-Spectrum CBD extracts, there are things you may want to consider.  While a full-spectrum oil may provide the desired effect the first time you buy it, the variability from batch to batch may prove to be discouraging.

There are several reasons for this:

  • Full spectrum distillates often have to be diluted because of THC levels that exist naturally in hemp.  So, either you get a CBD product with too little CBD or you get a product with THC beyond compliance.
  • A Full Spectrum cannabinoid profile can vary from harvest to harvest even with the same genetics. Cannabinoids progress in development and are in higher and lower quantities depending on several environmental factors. This makes a reproducible product impossible.
  • Documented “working doses” for multiple conditions are very difficult to obtain in full-spectrum products without having THC out of compliance.
  • The minor cannabinoids which are touted in full-spectrum oils are often in too low of concentration to have much effect.

For instance:

Every full-spectrum oil is different.  Every plant, depending on the field that it comes from displays different percentages of cannabinoids.  What brand works today may not work tomorrow.  Here is a profile for a particular product manufactured by a well-known nutraceutical company

As you can see, there is a substantial amount of THC in full-spectrum distillates.  Most products are just diluted full-spectrum distillates that comply with the regulatory limitations to be legal.  The .03% or less won’t get you high, but the amount of available CBD in the product is far less than what’s required to create a therapeutic level of the active ingredient – CBD.

BioSmart Research extracts the essential cannabinoids from the Hemp Oil and then combines and manufactures products from the derivatives/isolates to treat specific conditions.  You can buy more of what you need for the same price as what you would normally purchase a full-spectrum oil for.  Our method provides the ability to produce products with cannabinoids including CBD at the levels shown to have effect in scientific literature.

BioSmart Research separates out the individual cannabinoids, including the CBD, and then combines specific cannabinoids in specific percentages to produce formulas that are more appropriate to treating specific conditions.   The technology to do this is costly and a company has to make a major investment in time and HPLC equipment in order to achieve this type of manufacturing ability.  That is the best way to produce a nutraceutical that will produce the results that you are looking for.

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