Night Time Pain Relief Tincture

Our unique pain relief formula utilizes a high dose Cannabidiol (CBD) isolate to deliver effective relief from pain. This is a sublingual tincture with a single dose of 2 droppers for a 50mg CBD delivery. The pain relief tincture is ideal for systemic pain where oral ingestion can deliver the CBD most broadly. If you are experiencing a more localized pain our Balm or Application Stick may prove more effective with applications directed to the site of pain. We encourage you to discuss the use of our products for any pain-based condition with your physician. Warning: Some ingredients are sedative.

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What’s inside - Ingredients

THC Free

  • Cannabidiol CBD - CBD has a well-documented ability to relieve inflammation associated pain. CBD can also lower one’s perception of pain. CBD works via the endocannabinoid system to reduce pain through both a direct reduction in inflammation and an altered perception. Medically these mechanisms are still being studied and a better understanding is certainly forthcoming.
  • MCT Oil - MCT coconut oil is an excellent carrier for efficient delivery of CBD.

Proprietary Terpene Formula

  • Myrcene - Terpene with powerful sedating effects
  • Terpinolene - Terpene with sedating effects
  • Caryophyllene - Terpene which exhibits anti-inflammatory effects with a calming effect

*Carefully assess how you respond to this formula as some ingredients are sedative.

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