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About our Pain Relief formula

Our unique pain relief formula utilizes a high dose Cannabidiol (CBD) isolate to deliver effective relief from pain. We use all-natural ingredients to provide a superior transdermal delivery of CBD directly to the site of pain and inflammation. We have balanced the formula to provide a stick where the application to the site of pain can be accomplished directly without hand contact with product.

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What’s inside - Ingredients

THC Free

  • Cannabidiol CBD - The key ingredient in our pain relief formula. Shown to be an effective transdermal anti-inflammatory agent aiding in the reduction in inflammation induced pain.
  • Emu Oil - This superior delivery oil has been used by aboriginal medicine to act as an anti-inflammatory agent. In our formula we add Emu oil to not only increase transdermal delivery but also to aid the effectiveness of easing pain directly.
  • Shea Butter - High triterpene ester concentrations make this polyunsaturated fat highly desired in many skin products. Lupeol, a key triterpene in Shea butter has been reported to be anti-inflammatory in multiple studies. Shea butter also contains oxidative resistance to degradation as well as antimicrobial properties.
  • Coconut Oil - A well-known product for many natural lotions, this saturated fat is an excellent carrier for a topical balm. Coconut oil provides a barrier for hydration loss from the skin and acts especially well for conditions where the skin itself may be the site of pain or inflammation.
  • Usnea barbata - Usnea barbata is a well-documented anti-microbial agent. Usnea barbata has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory benefits. In this formula, it was utilized to both add to the relief of pain as well as to increase product shelf-life.
  • Cocoa Butter - An excellent natural fat providing our balm a stable matrix to help lock all components equally throughout the product. Cocoa butter also has attributes providing additional moisture retention post application.
  • Bees Wax - Another natural product used to improve the consistency of our balm. Our bees wax addition is optimized to produce a firm, yet appliable product.

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